About Me

This is who I am.


Hi There, I'm Etay Cohen I like to refer to myself as a creative developer since I do a lot of creative work like web and user interface design, branding etc combined with programming.

Apart from my professional work I have a huge interest and passion for self-education and development, the constant hunt for new knowledge and skills to improve the life we all live every day.

I recently made videos on YouTube, to share my knowledge and creativity. Check out my Youtube Channel and i hope that u will learn something new.


Need a new website? Need to boost your social media reach? Need to create the best workflow for your app? Need creative direction? Or just want to talk and get some advice? These are just some of the ways I can help.


There are two ways you can hire me.

  1. Hire me for 1 - 3 hours. Perfect if you're looking for advice or direction.
    Contact me and I'll be in touch to book a time and date that fits us both.
  2. Hire me for a project that requires more of my time. This is perfect for much larger projects such as web design, app design, creative direction, social media.
    Contact me about your project.